Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Project is finished

Well, Im not so glad to inform you but our project finally is finished, but even after the end we are still on the first page of newspaper of Ramnicu valcea. Here you got the link

In addition,I want to say that I am very happy that a few lines are also written in this article about  the Forum Theathre wich we made in the Economic High school.

Thank you for your attantion.

Greetings from Rustavi, Georgia
Ex-Volunteer: Saba Pashurishvili

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Newspapers are posting about us

Its almost the end of our project and I found some old materials and I want to share with you.. actually I want to share it with my romanian Friends because they are in romanian and only they can understand it properly.

Well, our work in Ramnicu Valcea was so famous that even Newspapers were posting about us..
from the beggening from the start of our project..

I think this article is about our project very informational, what we gonna do here and who we are why we are here.. anyways you can read it ^_^

When we started to work in Roma Comunity in Colonia Nuci. That news for them was amazing and immedialty they made articles about us, but this time 1 more newspaper joined..



I didnt know that we are so famous here..
Please read and dont forget to comment..
Thanks ^_^

Monday, January 20, 2014

Volunteers in University of Valcea

Hello again, I am writting about the University of Valcea.
We were invited two times to make a small presentation about EVS and volunteers' life. With us were a guys from Dragasani. Joao from Portugal opened the show with a romanian music, He played guitar and he was singing at the same time. Stundets were very excited and after musical performance we started to present our projects...

There was a lot of questions about us about our countries about project evs and etc.
But the most interesting things was that 1st grade stundets invited us to their BALUL BOBOCILOR party.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Forum Theatre In Economic High school.

The big day has come and we are all very nervous. We hope that our performance would be very good for the young people who came to the economic high school to see us.  We started to prepare our performance in another room to practice. and everyone did their best to act as Hollywood Actors.

Everything was very good,. Joker  started to introduce forum theatre, what is it how is it and etc. and after our Joker Georgeta finished the speach our performance had started. Students were watching us very attantive. They were very interesting about the situation and when we finished acting, Georgeta started to explaining situation, but students already guessed what was the problem, who were the actors and than we started to play performance again to let them to come with any possible solutions and to change actors..
Actually  some of students adjust the roles and modified the story  and tried to solve the problem..

At the end I think that people were very satisfied with the forum theatre and also  they showed us a small presentation which was made by economic high school studets for the day of Mihail Eminescu who was the one of the famous poet in Romania.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Forum theatre

One of the main activitie of our project is forum theatre. For it we had 3 days trainigs. Important thing what we did on the trainig was team bilding activities. It was good to meet new participants of our team.
 If somebody don't know what is forum theatre now I will try to explane it. In forum theatre actors are showing some problematic situation and after that viewers should try to modify this situation and find solution of that problem by changing one of the characters. Play should be short, not more than 3-4 scenes, and takes not more than 15-17 minutes. Also it should be a little funny, easy to understand, and characters can be a bit dramatized to highlight the situation of oppression.

On trainig we was separatet in two groups.
Each group choose topic to play. One was situation in school: when one person is being bullied by classmates, and another  was situation in family: pregnant daughter. Both was funny and in same time so interesting. I think is because we are so tallented.

Now we get knowledge, and it will help us to make activities in public.