Friday, January 10, 2014

Forum theatre

One of the main activitie of our project is forum theatre. For it we had 3 days trainigs. Important thing what we did on the trainig was team bilding activities. It was good to meet new participants of our team.
 If somebody don't know what is forum theatre now I will try to explane it. In forum theatre actors are showing some problematic situation and after that viewers should try to modify this situation and find solution of that problem by changing one of the characters. Play should be short, not more than 3-4 scenes, and takes not more than 15-17 minutes. Also it should be a little funny, easy to understand, and characters can be a bit dramatized to highlight the situation of oppression.

On trainig we was separatet in two groups.
Each group choose topic to play. One was situation in school: when one person is being bullied by classmates, and another  was situation in family: pregnant daughter. Both was funny and in same time so interesting. I think is because we are so tallented.

Now we get knowledge, and it will help us to make activities in public.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Mid-Training Course

      Well, about my mid- training course….my journey to Predeal started in Cluj with my favorite trainer – Sonia, a person who has always a hand to help someone, no matter what the circumstances, she will be there!!! Completely addicted by Education System, Sonia shared her time speaking about this thematic, I could feel the enthusiasm when she spoke!! Despite of slow train it was an interesting and productive travel, I learnt so many things- “”Thanks a million”!!

When we arrived to Predeal, fresh air filled my lungs. It was a cold and windy night. Predeal is a small city, with few habitants, with a wonderful landscape located in the mountains near of Brasov. Before entering in hotel, I went to the close shop to buy some beer to warm my friends!! :D I always take care of them, I don’t want that something is missing!! XD

First day it was amazing…I meet with so many volunteers, ones from on-arrivel training others ones from mid-training. Different people, interesting people, exotic people, inspiring people…. my Heart skipped a beat… some of them from Africa others from South America … mix of cultures… a mix of ways of thinking… AMAZING!!

The volunteers of mid-training were split in two groups. About the people from my group…. mmhhh… So crazy and wonderful group!! I don’t remember for sure how many we were, but approximately like 15 or 20. Andreea and Marian were our mentor, very active and creative!!

Full of imagination, energy and creativity we had 3 marvelous days, replete of activities, games and fun. We reflected about our EVS… what we have done until now, what we have learnt with the project, how to resolve problems in the group, feelings and levels of motivations that we had, highlights and bad moments, what our intentions after EVS…

Through non-formal education, using methods such as energizers, icebreakers, know each other, self-knowledge games we debated about these issues!!!
Without doubts my favorite methods:
Iceberg of Conflict

Each level of the iceberg represents something that does not apppear on the surface, yet adds weight and immobility to our arguments when we are in conflict.

EVS Motivation Graphic

In an A3 paper size, everyone drew, with distinct marker, their own graphic of motivation, of their feelings during EVS program. Absolutely, Colorful graphic with ups and downs, ups and downs… I still remember that just one person, in that room, didn’t have one unique down, it was Erik, fantastic and boy who has always a smile in the face!!

What makes you Unique

What makes you Unique Each volunteer was given a piece of paper and pencil and was asked to write what makes them unique. The papers were put inside of a box and in the course of activities were asked to us to remove one paper and guest who is the owner of it. Criminology, basketball, nuclear engineer, sharing peace, drawing, toxicologist, football and more and more things that make your group unique!!! But the best moment for me, it was when Onur, a calm and thoughtful boy from Turkey, didn’t receive any paper and the box was already empty.

Then, our trainer ( Marian) asked him: “ Onur, why didn’t you write nothing about you, why didn’t you put any paper in box”Suddenly, in a wise way, Nour answer him: “I didn’t write and put my paper in box, because it makes me unique!!” I will never forget these words!!

Sharing tools with the others volunteers

Everyone in the room could share something with others volunteers. So many volunteers in one place, sharing different ideas. The room was immersed of creativity and imagination!!! In that hour, I learn so many things:
•        Open space technology
•        World cafĂ©
•        Drum rhythm  
•        Hidden theatre
•        Living origami
         In free time… well it is hard to me express myself in words, it was really fabulous and brilliant!!! People smiling, playing, singing, talking, dancing, getting fun, gathering in the fire, throwing snow balls, giving and receiving more warmth in these cold days!!! My heart almost burst with happiness!!

Training About EVS

This activity wanted to familiarize more the EVS volunteers with the EVS concept and to make them understand the role of the communication in achieving the tasks.

The training:
  • Energizers: each volunteer had to choose a greeting and then all volunteers walked in the room using that greeting.
  • Definition of EVS: each volunteer had to write a word coming in his mind when talking about EVS. After, in groups, the volunteers had to make the definition of EVS using all the words written by them.

  • Ideal mentor: divided in 2 groups, the volunteers had to make the portrait of the ideal mentor (showing what they expect from a mentor) and presented in front of the other team and facilitators.
  • Ideal volunteer: this session was aimed to ask the volunteers to reflect about what they would like to improve (the skills and competences missing.
  • Communication: for this session we made a game called “How old is Maria?”. The participants were sitting in a circle with the face in exterior. They had to solve a problem but they could not talk between them. The communication was done only through notes given to the facilitators whose role was of postman

All the activities were designed so that the volunteers reflect to their needs and expectations and about the role of communication in team work.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Life in Colonia Nuci

First of all, I want to be grateful to Alex, a rroma boy that study in the school where we did your activities. He was so really nice for us! He offered himself to show us his village. Also he tried to explain the way that the people live there, what they do, what are their costumers, everything!!

Well, Colonia Nuci  is situated on the bank of the Ramnicu Valcea and its inhabitants are mostly rroma, but we can find also Hungarian and Romanians. Someone told us that there are almost 350 rroma families and 200 romanian families.
 The people established here in the middle of the 1960’s when the local authorities built houses for the new workers settled once the chemical factory started. The temporary residences of the workers where occupied after by the nomadic gipsies, that found here a good place to stay and raise their children.

The main occupation of their villagers is production of materials made by wood and metal. As an example, the ladies craft spoons and axes using their skills in “cutting” the wood. Otherwise, men are well known for craftsmanship in metal works, for example they do the materials to distillated palinca.  Some of the villares are field-workers. They cultivate all kinds of seasonal vegetables and fruits: apples, tomatos, eggplants, potatoes… 

Village life is plain and simple. In the roads we saw some horses carriages bags. Part of the villagers use it as a way of transport.  Energetic puppies were playing each other. A flock of birds were chirping. Children with broken teeth smiled at us! They are playing together day by day, they never get tired! They are a lot! Usually a family has 3 or 4 children!

At the nearby supermarket we could see old people drinking beer and palinca. They were laughing and talking a lot, while old women smoked their short cigarette studs. Everyone seemed happy and satisfied with their life!

Typical house with own garden were built, raised about a foot or two off the ground. Some houses still unfinished like the orthodox church. The majority of the community are orthodox but some of them are also protestants.

After that week, I toke with me a noticeable experience, now I can understand better how the rroma people lives in Colonia Nuci! Thank you a lot to everyone to provide me these moments in my life!
By: Joao & Bilgi

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cleaning action

One of our activities was cleaning action in village museum. We cleaned outside territory of museum, cuting bushes, grass, collecting garbage and etc.

      making hitchhiking :P